Hello, and welcome to ABILITY MORTGAGE GROUP, LLC.

My name is Peter Dellane. I founded Ability Mortgage Group, LLC in August, 2001 and have been in the mortgage business for almost two decades.  I enjoy working with borrowers and am passionate about helping people in Maryland purchase a home or refinance their current property.

As a Mortgage Broker I have the ability to obtain mortgages from major banks at wholesale rates which allows me to pass the savings onto my borrowers.  Once we settle on the right mortgage I then ensure a smooth lending process by providing a thorough list of needed documents and items.  Having this information provided upfront at the beginning of the lending process enables us to eliminate surprises and you can count on your lending file getting to close in a timely manner.

Additionally, I provide the costs that are associated with the loan upfront along with the rate that can be locked in.

To learn more, please, contact me via email at peter@abilitymortgagegroup.com i look forward to speaking with you.

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